Fast, Fun and Freaky: 4 Ways to Liven Up Your Bachelorette Party

by | Nov 22, 2019 | Food

If there’s one place where you can let your hair down, it’s a bachelorette party. But what if you’re looking for better ideas than the usual jello shots and handcuffs? Here are just a few ideas for having a blast with the girls.

1. Get Your Booze On

You don’t have to rent a cocktail bar to get a good buzz going. You can enjoy all sorts of liquor-infused candies, cupcakes, gummies, sorbets and gelatos that will relax you and energize you at the same time. You can even find adult popsicles in Dallas TX!

2. Plan Your Playlists

Music is the heart and soul of a lively bachelorette party, but you don’t want to slow down the celebration by endlessly scrolling through your media apps and looking for the right songs. Prepare some girl power playlists in advance. You’ll be able to get wild just by pressing play!

3. Play Games and Activities

While there’s nothing wrong with some freewheeling fun during a bachelorette party, the event can also benefit from structured games and activities. This will ensure that things never hit a lull and people are never bored. You can also hand out prizes, freebies, snacks or gift bags for the people who win.

4. Visit the Guys

If the groom is holding a bachelor party at the same time as the bride, you can have a lot of fun by co-mingling. You don’t have to spend hours together; that would defeat the purpose of separate parties. You can just visit the boys for a bit to have a good time together!

These are just a few ways to have a barrel of laughs at a bachelorette party. For more ideas, check us out at Dizzibrands. We offer everything from alcoholic baked goods to adult popsicles in Dallas TX!

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