Father’s Rights: Can I Pay Child Support Directly to The Other Parent

There are many different options that parents can use to create an ongoing working relationship in the care of their children through the divorce and the years that follow. However, not all options are equally recommended by Naperville attorneys, and some possible options in managing child support can actually be ineffective.

When there are children of the marriage or involved in the divorce, a man should consult with a Naperville father’s rights attorney. This is particularly important if there is a concern that the mother may attempt to limit the father’s interaction with the children. High levels of conflict around parenting, access to the children, and in developing a co-parenting plan should be red flags that an attorney specializing in father’s rights should be involved.

Paying Child Support Directly to the Other Parent
In general, a father’s rights attorney will not recommend direct payment of child support to the other parent, unless there are very specific conditions. In Naperville, Bolingbrook and throughout Illinois, the standard method is to have the child support taken out of the parent’s check, by the employer, and the Illinois State Disbursement Unit manages the payment to the other parent.

There are several benefits to this process. It ensures the payment is made on the correct date and to the specific banking institute the other parent has on record with the state. There is a record of the incoming payment by the father’s employer and the subsequent payment to the other parent by the state. This effectively eliminates conflict about missing, late, or incorrect child support payments.

A father’s rights attorney will also point out that paying through the state rather than directly to the other parent makes record keeping and accounting much easier as well. This is also helpful if there are modifications in the order, and the amount of child support changes over time.

In some cases, the child support order may specifically state that that child support is to be paid directly to the other parent. This may be the requirement for a self-employed parent making child support payments. In these situations, it is essential for the father to ensure the amount is documented. Using a check, automatic bank transfer or payment, or a money order provides a record of the payment if there is ever an issue with a parent reporting a missing payment.

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