Filing a Case in Court with a Boat Accident Attorney in West Palm Beach, FL

Boats fall under the same ownership and traffic rules as any other vehicle. People who own and operate boats must be sober when they are behind the steering wheel of their vessels. They also must be fully licensed and insured before they take their boats out on the water.

Because boats fall under the same jurisdiction as other motor vehicles in the state, they are subject to the same litigation in court. You can file a case in court and win a settlement or judgment by hiring an experienced boat accident attorney in West Palm Beach, FL.

Proving the Circumstances

Your lawyer can be vital in proving the circumstance of the boat accident. Law enforcement typically cannot reconstruct an accident scene on the water as they can on city roads or highways. They must rely heavily on victim statements and eyewitness testimonies to tell them what happened.

These same accounts are used to indicate what happened when you go to court. Your lawyer can subpoena those written and verbal records to show that you were not at fault for the accident.

Your lawyer can also pursue a settlement from or judgment against the responsible party to cover your expenses like loss of income, medical bills and repair costs. You can learn more about why you should hire a boat accident attorney in West Palm Beach, FL, online. Contact Janssen, Siracusa & Keegan PLLC at