Find a Hand-woven & Beautiful Flower Crown in Maui for Special Occasions

by | May 25, 2021 | Florist

Hawaii brings visions of a lush and gorgeous island paradise. Many couples decide to get married on these islands. The flowers native to this landscape are some of the most beautiful and exquisite in the world. Learn where to find a local florist to create a hand-woven and stunning flower crown in Maui for your special day or occasion.

Why Flower Crowns Remain Popular Through the Ages

The wearing of flower crowns, single flowers in the hair or worn around the neck as a lei was something that many cultures did through the centuries. Each country, culture, and religion usually had its own flower traditions.

Flower crowns were popular in ancient Greece, and citizens there wore these crowns on special days dedicated to honoring their gods and goddesses. In the 1960s in the United States, flower children were seen everywhere, and this symbol of a free spirit came to be associated with the hippie movement during that era.

Of course, in Hawaii, flower crowns and leis were integrated into the island culture from the Polynesian adventurers who sailed their floating canoes there from their first home in Tahiti. Today, Hawaii has become known for its beautiful tradition of giving visitors leis of flowers upon their arrival.

Find a Local Florist to Order a Flower Crown for a Maui Wedding

There is a lovely floral shop on Maui that creates these custom handmade flower crowns to use in weddings or other special events. These floral arrangement specialists are happy to help.

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