Finding Beautiful and Unique Jewelry Is as Close as Connecticut

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Jewelry

Artisans have been crafting decorations for the human body for millennia. That is still true today, only now we refer to them as artists, metal artists, and jewelry makers. With all of the jewelry that has been crafted over thousands of years, you might think it impossible to find a jewelry designer who can create something unique and beautiful for your collection of personal adornments. However, handmade jewelry for online shopping is as close as Connecticut, and even closer if you live in or near that state. Here are some of the ways in which this designer has made her handmade jewelry for online shopping that much easier to find unique pieces you love.

An Online Catalog Displays Currently Available Collections and Pieces

Much like a gallery, you can “flip” through the designer’s online catalog of current pieces and collections available. Choose what you like and place an order. If you want a ring but need it in a particular size, contact the designer and let her know how much bigger the ring size has to be to fit your finger. Then the designer can either size the ring for you or make a new one the correct size. Most other pieces of jewelry sold are “one size fits most”.

Collections Change Seasonally, but You Can Still Order Any Remaining Available Pieces

Similar to the fashion industry, this artist and jewelry designer’s pieces change seasonally. However, if there are any leftover piece from other collections you would like, you can still purchase them. You may also request custom pieces if you would like.

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