Five Common Questions About Cooking with a Wood Fire Outdoor Grill

The thought of cooking on a wood fire outdoor grill for the first time can be intimidating, primarily if you’re used to working with a gas grill. If you’re planning to get your hands on one, you probably have tons of questions about its functionality, ease of use, cooking time, and so on.

So, to help you decide whether or not a wood fire grill is right for you, it’s important to answer some common questions and concerns most people have about working with one. Let’s get started!

What Can You Cook with Wood Fire Grills?

Wood fire grills are ideal for searing and smoking, such as making a brisket, smoking a nice piece of salmon, or roasting a steak; nothing can beat the taste from a wood fire grill. However, they are probably not the best for making a casual burger or a hot dog.

How Long Does It Take to Cook with Wood Fire Grills?

A wood fire outdoor grill is likely going to have a much longer cooking time, partly because it’s hard to start a fire quickly. Even the slightest breeze can be a setback when you’re trying to light a grill. But once embers catch on, it doesn’t take too long. Regardless, don’t expect to whip up a quick dinner on it.

Does Food Cooked on Wood Fire Grills Taste Better?

Taste depends on several factors, such as the flame intensity, cooking time, wood material, and most importantly, what you’re cooking. But, generally speaking, any piece of barbeque cooked over wood or charcoal will have a layered smoky texture and flavor; even gas grill enthusiasts can vouch for this!

What Wood Should I Buy for Grilling?

Firewood quality is essential. A less expensive softwood, such as spruce, won’t give you the right smoke for a high-quality cut. Expensive hardwood such as applewood, almond wood, hickory, and nut wood imparts the best flavor.

Is it Harder to Cook on a Wood Fire Outdoor Grill Than a Gas Grill?

Well, since you’re essentially cooking with fire that’s not maintained at a specific temperature, wood fire grills are harder to work with. However, some new wood fire grills come with temperature control, which makes it much easier to cook with.