Five Steps to Cleaning a Restaurant Grease Trap in Lake Charles, Louisiana

If you are in the restaurant business, it’s important to know about grease traps; a grease trap will separate grease and sludge from the wastewater so it doesn’t block the plumbing. As the kitchen grease trap fills up, it needs to be emptied out and cleaned.

While most restaurants use a grease trap service in Lake Charles, Louisiana, some like to do the dirty work themselves. Here are the steps to take to clean your restaurant’s grease trap.

Take it Apart

Carefully remove the grease trap lid with a pry bar. Being rough could harm the gasket under the lid. When the lid is off, examine the grease trap to acquaint yourself with the components.

Measure the Grease

Push a measuring stick to the bottom of the trap. Twirl it around, remove it, and see how much grease is in the trap, recording the number in your ‘FOG pump out report.’ This is a mandatory EPA rule. You need to mail this to the address on the report once you’re done.

Remove Any Water

Remove any water in the trap with a small bucket. Hold this water until the end to avoid pouring it down the drain with any remaining grease.

Remove the Grease

Remove all of the grease and sludge using a small scoop or bucket. Place all of the waste into heavy-duty trash bags capable of handling liquids. Scrape the lid and sides of the trap clean or use a wet vacuum.

Clean It and Put It Back Together

Scrub the grease trap with warm water, soap, and a metal brush. Once cleaned, rinse off the screens and parts with warm water. Finally, replace all of the parts and the lid. Make yourself a duplicate of the FOG report.

As you can see, this is a very dirty, unpleasant job. Instead, make All-Star Plumbing your grease trap service in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Contact them today via