Getting a Rental Property Inspection in Denver, CO

Before you can rent out a property, it’s vital that you get a rental property inspection in Denver, CO. Not only is an inspection important, but it is legally required before you can rent your property out to tenants. In order to remain compliant, all rental property owners in Denver must receive a certified inspection based on Denver’s city provided 26-point checklist. If you are in need of an inspection, be sure to reach out to a local certified inspector to get the job done.

Finding the Right Inspector

When it comes to finding a rental property inspection in Denver CO, it’s important to do as much research as you can beforehand. Be sure to look for a certified inspector that knows the requirements needed to pass the inspection and who can provide you with the best practices and tools to solve common challenges, so that you pass your inspection the first time. More importantly, you will also want to look for an inspector who will operate with coordination, communication, and trust.

Areas to Be Inspected

When you hire a rental property inspector, there are several different areas that will be inspected. This includes things such as fire safety, trash removal, pest control, walls, roof, and foundation, and water systems amongst other things. The inspection involves doing a walk-through, meeting with property managers, and providing a detailed list of issues that need repairs, alterations or upgrades, with images and resources for your reference.