Hemp Cream Reduces Skin Irritation

Hemp cream is an amazing skincare product. Its main active ingredient is hemp oil. Hemp oil is slightly different from CBD oil. They are derived from the same plant. Hemp oil does not have any traces of THC. CBD oil does have small traces of CBD.

Consumers often prefer hemp oil over CBD oil because it does not have any traces of THC. This is extremely important if you are getting drug tested for any reason. Small traces of THC may result in a positive drug test.


Hemp cream does not contain THC and maintains the benefits of the hemp oil base. Generally, hemp cream is completely derived from a hemp cannabis plant. This product is specialized. You can use hemp cream on your skin or use it as a base for other products such as moisturizers.

Hemp cream is often referred to as CBD cream. It is important to note their differences, as hemp cream only comes from a hemp plant with no traces of THC. This is also why hemp cream may cost more than CBD cream.

The Benefits

Hemp seed oil has valuable and nutrient-packed properties. Hemp cream contains all of the benefits as its base is hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil contains vitamin A to help combat wrinkles. It will help your skin retain water to reduce dryness and irritation. Psoriasis patients often use hemp cream for moisturizers and reduce flaking. A good Hemp cream also promotes collagen production, helping you to defy age.