Hire a Drainage Contractor in Shelton WA Before Flooding Happens

You don’t have to have a flooding problem to need a Drainage Contractor in Shelton WA. In fact, hiring the contractor to help with construction, landscaping, and other projects is a good way to prevent flooding from happening to begin with. The contractor will be able to examine the land, determine just what is needed to handle the expected influx of water, and implement the proper solution right from the start.

Sometimes, installing proper drainage can be as simple as putting a ditch in the right place. Standard drainage ditches work well when the rest of the land is porous enough for the average amount of rainwater to soak in. The ditch typically becomes filled with water only during torrential downpours or when the snow melts in the spring. If enough water will be coming through the property to fill the ditch more often, it will usually be upgraded in some way so that its sides don’t erode and cave in.

At other times, the project will present more of a challenge. Low-lying property will collect all of the water that initially landed on higher ground, and this usually makes it relatively soggy. The problem is compounded when the low property has poorly-draining soil like clay. Then, a professional Drainage Contractor in Shelton WA, will have to be more creative. One solution is to install a drainage pipe to take the incoming water to an even lower area, while another is to bring in fill dirt that has better drainage capacity. Often, a combination of these and other methods will be used.

When appearances are important, drainage elements may be disguised as landscape features. After all, there’s no need to have an ugly retention reservoir when a Drainage Contractor in Shelton WA, like The RW Excavation, can disguise it as a natural pond complete with aquatic plants and even fish. When there is enough water on the property, it can even be used to run man-made streams through the land. This sort of landscaped drainage looks far better than the utilitarian kind, and is often used in building complexes and parks where visual appeal is a key goal.