How a Seasoned Attorney Can Help with Your Social Security Claim

by | Jan 25, 2019 | Lawyers & Law Firms

Many individuals each year are injured or develop a disability that keeps them from being able to do their normal job duties. There is money set aside for people in these types of scenarios. It is first necessary to prove to the Social Security office that you do have the disability or injury that is being claimed in the paperwork. This will generally require substantial proof documentation like medical records, finance information and more. A seasoned attorney can help individuals with their Social Security claim. There is a caring and highly respected Social Security Lawyer in Westminster waiting to help.

An experienced personal injury lawyer can aid clients in making sure that all of the paperwork from the Social Security office is filled out and returned in the narrow time window typically given for completion. If the client was injured on the job, the attorney can also deal with any conversations and other forms of communication between the client and work bosses, health insurance agents or with the other side’s lawyers. This can lower the chances of the client settling for too small an amount or giving too much information to the other parties. A trustworthy Social Security Lawyer with a Westminster practice can help in all of these situations.

Retaining a reputable attorney able to litigate in a courtroom or argue an outside settlement can matter in the long run. While the vast majority of disability and other kinds of claims might be settled without needing to go to an actual trial, there are instances where a case does end up before a judge. A prestigious Social Security lawyer in the Westminster area has the stellar background, education and actual experience to be successful in these cases. The Law Offices of Norman J. Homen can help substantially.

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