How Do Criminals Bypass Surveillance Security Systems in Plainfield IN?

by | Jul 9, 2019 | Computer Services

Homeowners who are serious about security and have surveillance security systems in Plainfield IN should understand how criminals might defeat such systems. When a homeowner knows how criminals operate, mistakes with security can be completely eliminated. It doesn’t take much to find out what needs to be done.

Physical Damage

One of the easiest ways to bypass a camera system is to damage the cameras. If a home only has one camera, it usually isn’t hard to disable the camera since there will be multiple blind spots. That’s why a homeowner should use as many cameras as they can afford. Most criminals won’t find it worth the effort to burglarize a property that uses a lot of cameras for security. Visit Domain to get help with security cameras.

Power Source

Surveillance security systems in Plainfield IN that don’t have backup power are vulnerable. Some criminals study security cameras and can tell which ones don’t have backup power. That’s why a homeowner should never cut corners when buying security cameras. They should only buy models that will work when the primary power source is interrupted.


Unfortunately, some wireless security cameras don’t have the best wireless security. Sophisticated criminals have been known to hack wireless security cameras and stream different feeds. The more inexpensive cameras are the ones that are usually lacking in wireless security features. Using a combination of wired and wireless cameras helps to avoid problems with hacking.

Avoiding Trouble

The best way for homeowners to avoid trouble is to use multiple cameras. Placing cameras in hard-to-reach places helps guard against criminals physically disabling the cameras. Using a combination of wired and wireless helps because both types of cameras have pros and cons. Hidden cameras are also useful since criminals might not consider them if there are a lot of visible security cameras. A professional installer should be used for the best results.

Some criminals know a lot about security systems. They can easily bypass systems that aren’t installed correctly or that just aren’t efficient. Homeowners have to learn how to better protect themselves with the security options that are available to them.

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