How Dog Owners Nationwide Choose the Best Dog Box Subscription

by | Mar 17, 2022 | Pet Food

These days, it seems there’s a subscription service for everything and why shouldn’t there be. Subscription boxes make life fun and convenient. Many pet owners enjoy the perks of dog toy and treat subscription services. Here are some tips to find the best dog box subscription for one’s best friend.

The Box Should Be Customizable

Customizable boxes give dog owners more control over what’s delivered. Owners feel confident that the toys and treats in the box are things their dogs will enjoy and are safe. The best subscription services let owners customize their boxes based on the following:

• Size of the dog

• Types of toys

• Types of treats

Flexible Shipment Options

The best subscription services have more than one shipment option. While some pet owners want to treat their pets to a new box each month, others might have a tighter budget. Look for services that offer the following shipment options:

• Monthly

• Bi-monthly

• Quarterly

The subscription service should offer customers the chance to change their delivery options.

Types of Toys

Some toys work better for some breeds. For example, durable toys are always the better option for golden retrievers or huskies. Smaller toy breeds need toys that aren’t overpowering. When selecting a dog subscription service, choose one that has toys that will be a good fit for one’s dog. Also, if one has a puppy, make sure the subscription service offers puppy boxes.

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