How Formwork Accessory Manufacturers Help the Concrete Forming Industry

by | Feb 23, 2022 | Manufacturer

Formwork accessories are used in construction to provide a smooth and level surface for concrete. They are also used in the production of precast concrete products.

Top Formwork accessories manufacturers offer a variety of formwork accessories for different purposes, including form boards, form ties, and form liners.

What is a Formwork Accessory Manufacturer?

A formwork accessory manufacturer is a company that produces formwork accessories and supplies in order to make the construction process easier and more efficient.

Formwork accessories are used in the construction of concrete structures, such as walls, columns, and slabs. These accessories help to create a continuous surface on which the concrete can be poured. The formwork accessory manufacturer’s main goal is to provide products that make work-life for contractors easier and safer.

5 Use Cases

Formwork accessories are used to support the concrete formwork. They are usually made out of wood or steel and they can be used in various ways. The most common use cases for formwork accessories are:
– To support the formwork for a slab on grade
– To support the formwork for vertical walls
– To provide a base for slabs on grade
– To provide a base for slabs on grade with beams

Finding A Manufacturer

Formwork accessories manufacturers make it easier for a concrete former to do their job.

The first thing to consider when looking for a formwork accessory manufacturer is what type of product is needed.

Some manufacturers specialize in certain products – like formwork or scaffolding. This will help narrow down the search and find the best company.

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