How Monterey Home Care Services Can Help You Care For Your Elderly Parent

When you hire home care services in Monterey, CA, you’ll be giving your senior parent the personalized attention they need. Even for just a few hours each day, your parent will receive more attention than they would receive as one of many residents in a nursing home. This will help them stay physically and emotionally healthy for longer.


Many seniors experience cognitive and emotional health problems because they spend too many hours alone. Even in a nursing home where they are surrounded by other residents, seniors can feel isolated and abandoned. A care aide who comes into your parent’s home will keep them company and provide the socialization they need to maintain a healthier and more active mind.

Medical Care

The aide you hire for your senior parent will look after their medical needs. They will ensure your parent is taking the proper doses of their medication. This will help avoid missed medication and prevent your parent from taking too many doses due to forgetfulness. You can also hire a care aide experienced in caring for patients with specific types of medical conditions, such as dementia, diabetes, or cancer.


When you hire home care services in Monterey, CA, you can trust that someone will be with your parent when you can’t be with them. Injuries are far less likely with an aide present. This is because the aide will help in the preparation of nutritious meals, providing assistance with bathing and personal hygiene, and doing light household tasks that your parent can no longer do for themselves.

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