How To Choose A Precious Metal Refinery

by | Jul 27, 2023 | Pawn Shop

When running a dental practice or dental laboratory, you will likely collect a bulk of precious metals. From crowns to dental bridges, your office will have many example of gold, silver, and other precious metal scraps. Metal buyers will visit your offices, offering various enticing deals. However, it’s important to understand that working with a precious metal refinery guarantees extra profit from each sale.

Refiners process precious metals and extract valuable elements prior to offering a price. This means you may get a higher price beyond the standard rate offered in the precious metal markets. For this to happen, you must choose a reliable refiner for a precious metal deal. Here are some of the things to think about before choosing one:

Check their Market Reputation

Reputation is important in any venture, and precious metal refiners are no exception. You need to review their reputation before finalizing any deal.

Check out how current customers are feeling by reviewing their ratings on, Better Business Bureau, and Google. These resources offer adequate information to help you make the best decision. Always consider a reputable refinery with high customer satisfaction ratings and consistency.

Assess the Refiners’ Years of Operation

As dental precious metals are valuable, you’ll find many refineries popping up. You may even find a handful of them in your area. However, not every refiner is refining precious metals.

Some are brokers and scammers disguised to benefit at the expense of unknowing customers. You can weed out such refiners by assessing their years of operations. A credible precious metal refiner should have been in business for some years.

Consider Transparency Levels

The precious metal industry attracts both legitimate and scammer traders. There are those dental offices that fall into the hands of a scammer and lose their valuable assets. You can avoid this path by considering each potential gold refiner’s transparency level.

A good refiner must be honest and transparent in all transactions. They should allow you to watch the refining process from melting, weighing, and assessing. Importantly, they should offer you a fair amount in payout during this process.

Payment Processes

The reason for working with a precious metal refiner is to get a fair deal and a high payout. Though refining can take time, you need to consider a refiner’s payment processes. Always go for a refiner that offers speedy and accurate payment.

Working with a precious metal refinery is a good idea. However, you must be careful when choosing one. Considering the above aspects will save you from scammers and guarantee better returns on each sale. Check with Bay Area Metals for more information about what to look for in choosing a precious metal refinery.

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