How to Choose a Wheelchair Ramp in Dallas

by | Jun 25, 2021 | Business

Getting around in a wheelchair is necessary for many people with mobility issues, but it often creates a challenge to get in and out of homes and businesses that have stairs but no ramps if you are in the Dallas area. The perfect solution for a Dallas business or for your home to overcome this obstacle is by installing a wheelchair ramp. Before you buy one, however, it is essential to explore your options and ensure you make the right choice to meet the needs of those in wheelchairs.

Wheelchair Ramp Functionality

While the primary function of any wheelchair ramp is to provide easy access for wheelchair users when stairs are required to get into a structure. However, each style of wheelchair ramp offers unique functionality. For instance, some ramps make it easier to get in and out of vehicles. Others focus on providing access to homes or businesses with short staircases. Still others cover larger areas for longer staircases. Before you buy any ramp, understand what you need it to do to make the best choice.


Wheelchair ramps in Dallas come in varying sizes, making it necessary to measure carefully and determine precisely what you need. Keep in mind shorter staircases may still require a long ramp to ensure the angle is not too steep, which can be a more significant concern for those who use a manual wheelchair versus a powered wheelchair. If possible, try out a ramp before you buy it or find one similar to help you determine if it will be easy to use.

Ramp Types

As you shop for a wheelchair ramp in Dallas, you will find many types to choose from. Some ramps are portable, making them the perfect option if you travel and want to ensure accessibility wherever you go. Others are semi-permanent to put in place at your home or business. If you cannot find a ramp that works for you, modular ramps offer more flexibility and customization, so you can put together a system that best suits your needs.

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