How to Choose the Right House Addition Contractors in Edina, MN

Choosing to add a housing addition to your home can drastically improve its value. In order to make sure that your housing addition lives up to your expectations, you will want to choose the best possible contractor. Follow these top tips to choose an experienced house addition contractors in Edina, MN.

Conduct Phone Interviews

Your phone interviews should not be very long, because both you and the potential contractors are very busy. However, you should definitely make sure you that you ask the potential house addition contractors in Edina, MN, the following questions:

• Are they experienced with projects like yours?

• Can they give you references from suppliers, customers and banks?

• What is their history with their subcontractors?

• How many simultaneous projects will they work on while working on yours?

Ask for and Check Their Licenses and Permits

When you hire a contractor to do an addition to your home, they should be licensed and insured. They should also have permits if they need them to perform the specific addition to your home. Not only should you ask your potential contractor if they have these requirements, you should also ask for proof of their license, insurance and permits.

Ask for and Compare Bids

After you have narrowed down your potential contractors, you should ask for bids. Pay attention to contractors who want to see blueprints and perform an inspection of the entire home. Also ask for the bid to be broken down into how much you will pay for materials versus the overall cost.