How to Determine When to Get Sealcoating Services for Your Parking Lot

by | Sep 5, 2019 | Business

Parking lots are a necessity for businesses and can reflect the overall quality of the company behind it in many cases. You should always give people a good first impression of your business, and having a well-maintained, aesthetically appealing and usable parking lot is one of the keys to achieving this.

Sealcoating is one of the best ways to keep your parking lot in good shape, providing the lot with a sufficient, long-lasting seal with the help of reliable sealcoating companies in Manchester NH. Here is a brief guide to help you determine when your company’s parking lot is in need of a sealcoating.

The Age of the Parking Lot

If your parking lot is relatively new, you likely won’t require a sealcoat anytime soon. However, once your parking lot reaches six months to a year old, it may be time to consider getting these services. However, there are certain additional factors besides just the age of your parking lot which should also be considered when determining if your parking lot is truly in need of a new sealcoat.

When Was the Sealcoat Last Applied?

If the parking lot is older than one year, you should determine when you last applied a sealcoat. Ideally, you should apply a new sealcoat to your lot every three to five years. This will keep the parking lot from sustaining potentially costly and visually unappealing damage.

If You Can Spot Deterioration, It’s Time to Apply a New Coat

Another way to determine if you need a new sealcoat is to simply assess the overall condition of the parking lot. If you notice surface deterioration, even in the form of minor wear, this could leave your surface vulnerable to water damage and other future wear. Winter can be especially hard on these surfaces, making it necessary to keep them protected in areas with a colder climate. Taking these steps can help you determine when you need a new sealcoat, in which case you should contact dependable sealcoating companies in Manchester NH.

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