How To Improve Your Dog’s Eating Habits

One of the keys to keeping your dog healthy is to feed them healthy food. Healthy dog food in Jacksonville will give your pet the right nutrients they need to maintain optimal wellness. There are also several other things you can do to improve your dog’s eating habits.

Feed Your Dog a Variety of Foods

Most dogs do not mind eating the same foods every day. However, in order for your dog to get the nutrients they need, you will need to feed them a variety of foods. Whole foods will help fight inflammation and many conditions are linked to inflammation.

Limit Portion Sizes

The amount of food you feed your dog is just as important as what you feed them. Dogs should be fed according to their size. If you notice your dog is gaining weight, then you may want to cut down on their portion sizes.

Avoid Gluten

Gluten is an ingredient found in many dog foods today. However, this ingredient has been linked to health problems in dogs. A dog that eats a lot of gluten is likely to have digestive issues. Even if gluten is consumed in small qualities, it can still harm your dog’s health.

Use a Water Filter

It is just as important for your dog to drink healthy as it is for them to eat healthy. Today’s water is filled with harmful chemicals. That is why, if you are going to give your dog tap water, then you will need to use a water filter.

Read the Ingredients

It is a good idea to read the food ingredients before you buy dog food. Artificial colors, MSG, gluten and corn syrup are some of the worst dog food ingredients.

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