How to Know When It’s Time to Replace the Rollers in Your Factory Machines

The machinery in your factory has to run as expected for the sake of your business’s productivity and profit. When parts in the equipment stop working, you could face having to shut down your entire business until the parts are replaced.

Rather than halt production and cost your business thousands of dollars in lost revenue, you can keep the machines running by replacing parts like metal rollers as needed. There are several situations that can compel you to make this move for the integrity and success of your factory.

Skipping or Bumping of Conveyor Belts

When the conveyor belts in your factory start jolting, bumping or skipping, you can take these malfunctions as a sign that the metal rollers under the belts may need to be replaced. The rollers themselves could become dented or dinged to the point that they no longer roll as they should. They also can become nicked or cracked to the point that the belt becomes stuck inside of them and stops rolling along the machine as it is designed to do.

To get conveyor belts rolling again, you need to replace the rollers under them. You can shut down the effected production line for the brief time that it takes for you or the roller vendor to make the replacements.

Warranty Expiration

The parts in the machines in your factory typically come with their own warranties. When these warranties expire, you can no longer get the parts replaced or repaired at little to no cost.

Given how critical the rollers are in your machines, you want to keep them under warranty. When they approach the end of this protection, you can have them replaced with new ones that are under warranty for years longer.

You can keep your factory productive and successful by replacing rollers as needed, as the new parts can keep your machines running as expected.