How to Make a Philips Holter Monitor More Accessible for Patients

by | Oct 13, 2023 | Health

A Philips Holter monitor is a crucial piece of equipment when it comes to treating cardiovascular disease. The wearable monitor fits onto a patient’s chest and records data about the functioning of their heart as they go through their days, sending the data to technicians. The recordings are important for medical professionals who then use them to diagnose heart conditions and provide accurate treatment.

For many patients, wearing the monitor is a strange experience. Here are a few steps that medical offices can take to make the process easier.

Provide the Monitor for Patients

Unless a patient needs to wear a monitor continuously, it should be the responsibility of the medical office to loan them a device. The high-quality Philips Holter monitor price can be a barrier to some patients, although this great technology is actually relatively inexpensive.

Provide Options for Wearing the Monitor

For the Philips Holter monitor to work, patients need to wear it close to their chest at all times in a halter or pouch. Some patients have different preferences for how to use this monitor. Some prefer regular harnesses, while others feel more comfortable with a disposable pouch. Provide some equipment for your patients to use.

Explain Everything

Finally, it’s the simplest things that help put our patients at ease, often more so than additional accessories and equipment. Make sure that you take time to explain how the monitor works and why it is important to your patients before they wear it.

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