How to Safeguard Houston Commercial Roofing for Ultimate Protection

Commercial roofing isn’t the same as residential roofing. While residential roofs are rarely utilized, Houston commercial roofing is accessible and used frequently. Large, heavy equipment like HVAC units are stored on commercial roofs as well as satellite equipment and more. Here are some tips from local commercial roofers to help building owners learn the best ways to safeguard their roofs.

Install a Walkway System

Access to the equipment on the roof is crucial. If HVAC repairs are needed or maintenance services are done to other equipment, it’s important that they’re accessible. Installing a walkway system creates access without compromising the roof’s structure. These walkways lessen the amount of foot traffic and subsequent wear and tear.

Never Underestimate the Important of Roof Inspections

Once a week, building owners should have their maintenance crews inspect the roof for any signs of damage. Things to look for include areas where water pools, cracks, staining, mold, and other signs of obvious damage. While weekly maintenance checks do a good job of catching issues early on, it’s also important to hire roofing contractors for a professional roof inspection once a year. Contractors spot problems that the untrained eye can’t see.

Ask About Hurricane Protection

Many building owners assume their commercial roof system is built to withstand anything. While commercial roofs are heavy-duty, they’re not automatically hurricane-proof. Ask the roofer to make recommendations to safeguard the roof should a hurricane come ashore.

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