Important Questions That Will Narrow Down Your Selection Of River Forest Il Real Estate Agents

There are several million real estate agents across the country so if you are seeking property near River Forest IL, real estate agents are going to be plentiful. So how do you narrow down your selection? Ask questions! Just like a hiring manager at a company would interview candidates, you should do the same. After all, purchasing a property is a big deal so you should trust an agent to handle your interests.

Ask to See a Resume

Confirmation of schooling and training is important as is membership in professional real estate organizations. Participation in local civic pursuits is important as well as professional recognition by real estate peers. Are the River Forest IL real estate agents you interview licensed by the state? Do they meet their state’s requirements for education and licensing? Many agents continue their education, getting special certification and training in various areas.

Commission Percentage

Commission percentages are not chiseled in stone. However, tradition calls for the seller of a property to pay around 6% in commission if using an agent. The seller’s agent gets 3% and the buyer’s agent also gets 3%. The real estate market often dictates whether negotiating back and forth would pay off and when it would be better to wait. Real estate agents in River Forest IL should be able to work with you and guide you as to when negotiating would best pay off.

Why Choose One Agent over Another?

Every agent must advertise properties and show you listings; it’s part of their job. However, you can ask them what sets them apart from other agents. Why choose them over someone else? Communication is often one of the key areas that set agents apart. How often will they call you? Is texting or email a key part of touching base for them? Determine your expectations on communication and see if the agent’s style meshes with yours.

Perhaps one of the most telling attributes of good River Forest IL real estate agents though is the number of transactions they completed. A number of successful deals mean a good knowledge of the market but if you require more attention, that superstar agent may not have time for you. Choose an agent that has a good track record of transactions in the area you are seeking. The very bottom line however is experiencing that “click,” knowing when you will be able to work well with a particular agent, which means interviewing several to find the right one for your requirements.