Industry-leading Professional Employer Service Firm in Greater Denver, CO

Here is the full-service PEO Company in Colorado with time savings, cost savings, and the added compliance assurance of an expert in your corner taking on those employment and tax liabilities. Free yourself and your company to focus on your clients and customers and begin seeing a greater return on your time and business investments.

What Solutions Are We Talking About?

PEO services are like a contract staffing agency, except that the PEO secures permanent employees on your behalf, as well as temporary or project staff. In particular, services provided include:

HR planning with the professional employer organization services tailor-made for your business

Payroll administration takes care of your payroll data quickly, diligently, and with complete transparency

Benefits administration using your current plans or competitive retirement plans, health and life insurance, dental and vision insurance

As a small business using PEO services, you can access HR services you might not otherwise be able to afford. Focus on growing your business. Let this PEO Company in Colorado help keep you compliant with regulations and employment laws.

Benefits of Risk Management

If your company commonly experiences workplace injuries, conducting a professional risk management audit can provide a clear look at:

• The cost of Workers’ Compensation

• Insurance costs

• Employee turnover

• And more