Information for Potential Fire Alarm Installers in Honolulu

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Fire and Security

The threat of a fire is not always a constant worry but can happen anywhere with a variety of causes. Fire alarms are a necessity to warn people within a building to find safety. Although most fire alarm systems are not overly complicated to install, the importance of installing one correctly has led programs to create many codes to guide installers. Good fire alarm installers such as Elite Fire Services Inc. prioritize fire safety codes and give their clients some peace of mind.

Codes and Fire Safety

Many electricians who are looking to also be fire alarm installers in Honolulu believe that it is an easy thing to add to their list of services. What they don’t realize is just how many codes and regulations there are for each building type. Every state also has slightly different regulations. Fire safety is extremely important and saves lives. If a fire causes harm to inhabitants and the fire alarm system did not work correctly, then the building’s owners can ask for legal repercussions against the fire alarm installer. If you are looking to be a fire alarm installer, there is a lot of research to do first.


The National Fire Protection Association, or the NFPA, has provided most of the information needed for fire alarm installers in a book called the National Fire Alarm Code. This NFPA code book explains how the different types of fire alarm function and their electrical systems. You can also find all the different codes that explain how many fire alarms are needed within a certain size house and where to locate them. You can also find testing, maintenance, control systems, and other information to understand how each part of the system works together. It does seem to be a lot of reading but once you have the information in your head, most installations move quickly and keep residents safe for years. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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