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To my mind, there are only two types of flooring; those that are covered by carpets and those that are not. Generally speaking; the carpeted option could appear the most logical for rooms situated in a cool (or cold) climate. However, how many of us, these days, let the climate outside decide what the climate will be indoors – why else would we have heating and air conditioning if not to control the indoor climate to our liking?

South Bay’s climate is generally on the warm side; the record highest temperature recorded is 108° F with a 12 month average high of 67.5 ° F (the record low is a chilly -17 ° F; but, the average low is somewhat warmer at 40 ° F). Definitely, the foot cooling effects of carpetless flooring have an attraction during those warmer months; usually May to October and, apart maybe from a record winter; your central heating should be able to override any desire for something warmer underfoot.

Visual Impact Or Underfoot Tactile Experience?

Which counts for more when selecting a flooring? (Forget about office, commercial establishments and factories where the floor will be chosen on functional and purely economical grounds; let’s concentrate on the more pleasurable flooring that we put into our homes in South Bay.

Just to be clear; a room has a built in floor which might be a concrete slab, wooden floorboards or simple wood sheeting. Once the builder has got that far; something more attractive will be put on top; this could be carpeting or some other form of covering; or it could be a flooring in its own right – such as marble; or ceramic tiles; or it could be hardwood flooring for South Bay.

Personal tastes and budget usually decide what goes down on our floors; even in functional places like kitchens and bathrooms. However, given the climate; my personal preference would be for hardwood flooring; I get pleasure from looking at good quality wood and the type and/or color of the wood can be chosen to fit in with both my furniture and however I have decorated the walls and ceiling. It has to be hardwood flooring because things, like chairs, do get scraped across floors and “things” do get split – hardwood, particularly if it has been treated, has good resistance to wear and tear. However, my main reason for choosing hardwood flooring in South Bay is that I love the feeling of it under my bare feet (and I usually go barefoot at home). Visit FMD Distributor.

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