Keep a Cavity From Worsening Before You See a Mount Pleasant Dentist

Unless you regularly see your dentist twice a year, it’s usually impossible to know you have a cavity until you experience oral pain. At that point, the cavity has reached far enough to affect the nerve of your tooth, and your best hope is to find a dentist open on Sunday. Until you can receive treatment, the following tips will help you slow the spread of the cavity.

Brush More Diligently
Even if you normally brush twice per day, you should start brushing more frequently. In particular, brush after eating and after drinking anything other than water. When you do brush, be sure to pay extra attention to the area in which you feel the pain. Floss this area before brushing, and try to remove food particles that may be stuck in the area.

Fluoride is Your Friend
Products that contain fluoride are especially helpful at all times because the compound kills harmful bacteria and reinforces tooth enamel. When you have a cavity, the fluoride can slow the spread of the cavity, and it may alleviate some of the pain. In addition to brushing with fluoride toothpaste, rinse with fluoride mouthwash instead of water.

Keep Hydrated
Finding a dentist open on Sunday in your area can help you get treatment right away. In the meantime, drink as much water as possible. The hydration will reduce inflammation in your mouth. Additionally, the water will flush bacteria out of your mouth before it has a chance to contribute to tooth decay.

If you are experiencing tooth or gum pain, contact as early as possible to get relief.