Keeping Shingles in Great Shape After Work by Loves Park, IL Roofers

Roof replacement usually is the largest improvement project a household will ever schedule. These property owners want to keep the shingles in great shape. Roofers in Loves Park, IL can offer many tips for proper roof maintenance that will prevent leaks and early failure.

Preventing Ongoing Moisture Problems

Shingles should dry out within about a day after rain. That requires sunlight and air. The roof must be kept free of leaves, pine cones and needles, seeds and nuts. When shingles are covered with this organic debris for a long time, moisture stays trapped. That causes gradual deterioration. Roofers Loves Park IL are familiar with the problems caused by debris standing in roof valleys for months at a time.

Branch Trimming

Branches should never be allowed to grow long enough to touch the roof. Leaves and twigs dragging there can cause damage. The branches should be trimmed back far enough so sunshine can reach the shingles at some point during the day. Perpetual shade prevents moisture from evaporating rapidly after rain.

Choosing the Right Contractor

One of the most important ways to prevent problems is choosing a skilled, licensed contractor. Illinois requires roofing contractors to be licensed. Reputable roofers should have no issue with showing that documentation to prospective customers. That information also is available to the public online.

Selecting High-Quality Shingles

Selecting high-quality shingles with a long warranty is essential. Contractors typically work closely with one or more shingle suppliers in the area. Details on one particular roofing contractor can be viewed at