Knowing When It Is Time to Contact a Motor Vehicle Collision Attorney in Lubbock, TX

After experiencing a serious car accident, it may be a wise decision to contact a motor vehicle collision attorney in Lubbock, TX. While it may be possible to settle a car accident without an attorney when injuries have not taken place, it is not a good idea to do so if injuries have occurred. If an injury has taken place, it is time to find a trustworthy lawyer nearby. Below are signs it is time to hire an attorney.

If the Opposite Party Denies Fault

Fault can sometimes be easily determined in vehicle accidents if one party ran a red light or one party was drunk. However, many times, liability is not that clear. It is wise to contact a motor vehicle collision attorney in Lubbock, TX for their expertise when someone involved in the accident is denying fault. If the other driver is not owning up to what happened, it is important to hire an attorney to do some investigative work and gather evidence to prove otherwise.

Compensation Is in Dispute

Many times, the other party involved in the accident will not be so easy to work with, even if they are at fault. It can be nearly impossible to try and handle compensation disputes without a legal attorney handling the process. Only a professional will be able to properly determine the value of a car accident claim. The extent of a person’s injuries determines how much compensation the victim will get in the end, and, without a lawyer, it can be difficult to know what that number should be when the injuries are catastrophic or when the loss of some type of property occurs in the accident.

Those who find themselves in a situation where they need the services of a good lawyer to resolve a car accident case should contact us for a consultation. It is difficult enough to experience a car wreck, but it is even harder when injury or loss has taken place as well. Do not handle this alone and find an attorney who will do the hard work and find a solution for both parties involved.