Learn How Braces in Peoria, AZ, Can Improve Your Child’s Smile

As the years go by and your child grows, you notice everything about your son or daughter. You listen to changes in speech. You applaud new accomplishments. You study pictures, looking for family resemblances. You’ve also fallen in love with your child’s smile. There is only one problem. You have noticed that your child’s teeth are not straight. There could also be an issue with spacing, whether there are large gaps or your child’s teeth are crowded. Braces for kids in Peoria, AZ, can give your child a beautiful smile.

The first step is to have your child evaluated by a pediatric dentist. Your child may need to be referred to an orthodontist unless your pediatric dentist also works in orthodontics for children. Quality braces for kids in Peoria, AZ, can start as young as the age of 8. Typical ages for braces run anywhere from 8 up to 14. Your child’s dentist will want to wait until all of their adult teeth are in place. Otherwise, new teeth coming in will cause the existing teeth to shift. Treatment with braces generally runs about two years, followed by the use of a retainer to keep your child’s teeth from having unwanted movement. The length of treatment time and type of braces will depend on your child’s specific needs. In some cases, the use of a spacer and removal of some back molars may be all that is necessary to allow your child’s teeth to line up in an attractive position. Talk with your child’s dentist to learn more about options for braces for kids in Peoria, AZ.