Learn the Facts About Spousal Support: Hire an Alimony Lawyer in Oceanside, CA

Where divorce is concerned, alimony is a touchy subject. Most people have some idea of how it works –with the higher wage earner making payments to the other spouse– but there are many misconceptions about this topic. In California, alimony is also known as spousal support. Here, readers will learn several important facts about spousal support and how an Alimony Lawyer in Oceanside, CA can help.

There Are Two Types of Spousal Support

In a California divorce, there are two types of support: temporary and permanent. Temporary support might be required before a divorce becomes final. As implied by the name, these payments are just temporary, and will no longer be necessary once the divorce is official. Permanent support is a regular payment made by one spouse to the other for a certain period after a divorce is finalized. It’s intended to help the receiving spouse maintain the same standard of living that was established in the marriage.

“Permanent” Support Isn’t Always What It Seems

The term “permanent support” isn’t always accurate. Sometimes known as “long-term spousal support”, permanent support is seldom lifelong. Generally, the duration of required payments depends on the length of a marriage. Every case is different, but in most instances, a paying spouse will only have to pay support for a period equal to half the marriage’s length.

Various Factors Are Used to Calculate Spousal Support

Every divorce is slightly different, and every spousal support determination is based on the couple’s specific circumstances. There’s no established way to calculate how much support should be paid, and family court judges consider factors such as the duration of the marriage, each spouse’s age and health, their incomes, their employment potential, and more.

Marital Misconduct Isn’t a Factor

In the state of California, spousal support may not be used to penalize a spouse for their misdeeds. Spousal support is only given for financial purposes, with the sole exception being that the judge may withhold support to an otherwise entitled spouse if that person committed violent acts against the would-be payor.

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