Make Your Party The Best Ever With A Photo Booth Backdrop

Great birthday parties are defined by a few simple elements. One of these elements is activity! Great birthday parties give guests fun things to do.

There are plenty of activities you can choose from to make your party fun. Consider the age of the birthday guest of honor as you choose the perfect ones for your party. Here are some ideas.

1. Outdoor scavenger hunt – Older kids and young teens will love roaming the neighborhood to find the items on the scavenger hunt list. Enlist the help of your neighbors to house some of the items.

2. Photo Booth – Set up a camera on a tripod and create your own photo booth. This is something the teens will love. You can purchase a photo booth backdrop from companies that sell linens and party supplies. You may also be able to rent a photo booth backdrop from party supply rentals.

3. Roast – Roasts are a great way to celebrate a milestone birthday for a special loved one. Talk to guests ahead of time and ask them to prepare a short speech or story for the party. Then, allocate time during the evening for everyone to share their special memory or story.

4. Moonwalk or jump house – Young kids will love an inflatable moonwalk, water slide or jumping house. This is the perfect way to let kids have fun and get tired at the same time!

5. Game Night – Board games are a great way to entertain a small group for a birthday party. Choose a game that everyone can play together, perhaps in teams. A game that requires participants to work together in different types of challenges is ideal.

Activities are definitely one of the elements that make a birthday party special. Choose your activities early in the planning process, so that you’re prepared for a great birthday party for your favorite person!

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