Many feel that programmatic advertising is the wave of the future. Briefly, here is how it works

by | Nov 2, 2022 | Advertising

When a visitor enters a page that has been set up for programmatic advertising, an auction is held to decide which advertisement will be displayed on this page. Depending on who the customer is, various companies that are willing to pay for that ad space so that the customer can see it enter into this auction. The company willing to pay the most for the ad space wins the auction. All of this is automated and happens in the milliseconds it takes for the page to load. Programmatic management can help you use this tool to your advantage.

If you want to get into the programmatic marketing game—or you’re already a player

Awarity can help you compete. The ability to engage in this biddable marketing will set you apart from your competition. Properly managed data-driven digital campaigns are the wave of the future and can position you to capitalize on previously unexploited markets.

Awarity can be the managed service provider you need to get the advantage you deserve.

Here is how it works:

Awarity helps you get started and then tracks your performance through programmatic ad management. If you’re winning bids, you’ll know, and if you need to win more, Awarity will help make that happen. It all starts with the data, however, and the collection of this data is a crucial step in the process. Once this is compiled, the analysis is made easy by your managed service provider.

Another aspect of programmatic ad management that can help your business is that it can manage whom you target and on which pages they are targeted. For instance, if you want to focus on 25-year-old females who enjoy mountain biking, you can bid on ads that appear on a page about mountain biking, but they would appear when a female who is 25 or near 25 years old clicks on the page. And if you decide to alter your target market, this can be done as well. Let’s say you want to go after men over 40 who enjoy distance riding. You simply choose a website that appeals to that type of riding, but you set it up, so you bid on the ad space only when a man over 40 clicks on it.

Programmatic marketing is the wave of the future. Awarity is poised to get you started.

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