Massage Therapy Certification

The process of becoming a massage therapist includes both education and licensing. The most common requirements involve graduating from an accredited massage school, as well as passing a massage therapy certification or licensing exam. These standards govern the practice of massage therapy and assure consistent adherence to a defined scope of practice.

Choosing a School

Becoming certified to practice massage therapy requires education. Finding a great school which offers the training necessary to succeed is the first step.

Full time massage therapy certification programs usually complete in seven months and provide students with the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in their learning experience and the school community.

Part time programs allow students to finish their education in less than two years. Students meet several weekends each month, maintaining commitments to work and family while balancing focused learning with time for integration.

State Requirements

After graduating, the next step usually requires taking a massage therapy certification exam.

In the United States, requirements to legally practice massage vary widely. Many state boards of education have their own certification or licensing exam. In lieu of creating their own test, some states partner with professional organizations that have developed massage therapy certification exams.

Careers Paths

Achieving massage therapy certification is a professional distinction and indicates a highly respected level of qualification. It opens the doors to a multitude of career opportunities.

Imagine the variety of employment available to anyone with massage therapy certification!

You can choose to work on your own, as part of a group practice, or within an industry that offers massage therapy as part of its services. Hospitals, physician’s offices, professional sports teams, spas and cruise ships all employ massage therapists. Full or part time employment is also an option to consider in tailor-making your massage therapy career.

Every element of massage therapy certification training prepares you for success in the practice of client-centered therapeutic touch. If you are interested in making bodywork your next career step, massage therapy certification can provide you with the expert guidance and professional training you need.