Members are happy that MAX is not a gym

Why sign up for a program at the THE MAX Challenge of East Brunswick? Gym East Brunswick NJ is not a gym at all, but a 10-week body transformation system held five days a week and guaranteed to transform your appearance, health, and fitness level. Classes are between 5 a.m. to early evening making it possible to schedule classes to fit your lifestyle.

The exercise program incorporates cardio training and strength training so that you can simultaneously burn fat and increase strength. Not only does the program include exercises conducted by an experienced fitness trainer, but there are also classes in the importance of diet and nutrition. There are many testimonials that give insight and credibility to the success of the program. They love MAX!

The Nutrition Guide will help you choose the right carbs without denying yourself favorite foods. There are many recipes available that help you choose the right foods for optimum health. There are also simple recipes available on our website and many more for members. The black bean salad is a versatile dish made with red onion, chopped grape tomatoes, avocado, garbanzo beans, black beans, and cilantro, with a lemon and olive oil dressing. There is also a recipe for match a pistachio cashew nutty power balls that contains protein powder and dates. You will soon realize that it’s not about the pills, but making better choices at the supermarket.

At the Gym all class members are on the same path and have the same desire to improve their sense of good health by losing weight and living well. There is a support system in place that makes every meeting feel like you are with the family. The program is motivational. As results begin to show, a mental transformation begins to take place as well.