Mobile Homes Differ From Stick Built Homes. Are Their HVAC Units Different, Too?

by | Feb 7, 2020 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Mobile homes or manufactured homes differ from other homes due to their thinner makeup. Their ducts are beneath the structure, which opens up the mobile homes central air conditioning Lakeland, FL, components to all kinds of problems. In what other ways do mobile or manufactured homes’ HVAC systems differ from other homes?


If you’ve ever had to run a garden hose on the roof of a mobile home in the noon heat of August, then you had an HVAC system too small for the manufactured home. If you’ve ever watched as the floor grate was blown off an A/C floor vent, then your unit was too big for your mobile home. Size matters in other types of homes, too, but it’s more pronounced in a home using aluminum siding which conducts heat.


Almost all homes’ HVAC units are located outside. A mobile or manufactured home’s unit is jammed in a utility closet. This can make it difficult to change filters, clean the fan blades, or other ordinary maintenance. That being the case, it’s better to have a mobile homes central air conditioning Lakeland, FL, professional perform regular maintenance on the unit.

Dirty Filters

Lots of homeowners forget their air filters, because they’re usually out of sight or blocked by furniture. Dirty air filters are responsible for bad indoor air quality. This manifests in health problems, so changing them regularly is vital to your health. Price Busters Air will check these and other parts of your mobile home’s HVAC units.

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