Myths About Granite Countertops

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Construction & Contractors

Getting the right information about any type of countertop material is always important. Natural stone is a great selection for countertops in new home construction or for existing home renovation in and around Minneapolis.

Granite has long been a popular option for countertops, and with good reason. However, there are some myths about granite countertops that should be clarified before deciding if this is the right choice for your Minneapolis house.

Myth: Granite does not need to be sealed

While you can leave granite in its natural state and not use a sealant, there are some important considerations. Granite is porous, which means there are tiny irregularities in the surface that allow liquids and spills to get into the natural stone. This will cause staining and a dulling of the surface.

Sealing provides a clear coat the reduces the risk of absorption of liquids, helping to keep countertops clean, free from bacteria, and reduce the potential for staining.

Myth: You can use regular countertop cleaning products on granite

Generally, wiping down granite countertops with warm water and a microfiber cloth is all that is required. However, for gooey messes, dried-on food or other spills, use specialized granite or natural stone cleaning products. It is critical to avoid any type of abrasive or acidic cleaners to prevent dulling and discoloration of the surface.

Myth: Granite can take the heat

While granite is very durable and can stand up to accidental exposure to hot pots and pans, granite countertops can discolor with repeated heating and cooling. In addition, the thin, invisible layer of sealant can turn dark, creating a dark spot.

Place anything from the stove or the oven on a hot pad or a trivet to avoid any potential countertop damage.

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