Norwich CT Homeowners: 3 Safety Tips for Using Home Heating Oil

Home heating oil for Norwich, CT, residences is one of the safest methods for maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures. Following these three safety tips ensures that you enjoy the benefits of this energy option.

Monitor Carbon Monoxide Levels

Like other combustion-based fuel sources, home heating oil produces carbon monoxide, an odorless gas that causes several health issues and can be deadly. Install a carbon monoxide detector close to the area where you burn your home heating oil to keep your family safe. If the alarm goes off, exit the residence and leave any doors and windows open.

Keep a Clear Area

Do not store any items near the burner of your home heating oil burner. You should have at least three feet of space around the burner to prevent fires. Pets and children should also avoid the area around the burner.

Only Use Good Quality Heating Oil

Most families live on a budget, but you should invest in good quality home heating oil and realize savings in your energy bills. Work with a reputable company that is known for providing high-quality oil to homes.

Where to Find High-Quality Home Heating Oil in Norwich, CT

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