Point of Sale Solutions For Various Retail Industries in the USA

by | Oct 26, 2021 | Software

ARBA Retail POS Systems is a firm that offers sophisticated IT solutions for hospitals and other medical facilities with large numbers of staff and patients. This American company delivers POS packages that are optimized for cafeterias serving food and beverages on a fixed schedule. The contactless POS interface provides various benefits for transactions in settings that require the highest level of sanitation and hygiene. Using an online application, you could directly order meals and snacks from the menu that’s listed by the local cafeteria. After paying for the meal through the online portal, you can quickly pick up your order. Self-service kiosks are also available for enhanced utility and convenience at hospital cafeterias that may have a large flow of customers in peak hours. Thanks to payroll deductions, some of the POS transactions are automatically linked to a designated account. Therefore, you could save precious time and effort for frequent orders at the hospital cafeteria.

Cyber Security and Other Benefits

The retail store POS system by this company is fully hosted on a secure cloud network that provides a high level of cyber security. Several layers of encryption protect the sensitive data that’s stored after every transaction at corporate and hospital settings. The proprietary Microsoft Azure cloud technology is smoothly integrated into the POS package. This signature cloud tool works smoothly on multiple mobile, desktop, tablet and kiosk platforms.

Contact ARBA Retail POS Systems at arbapro.com for more information on retail store POS systems.

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