Precision Ag Helping Growers Maximize Yield in Crockett County TN

by | Jan 12, 2022 | Agronomy

Precision Ag programs combine leading-edge technology and industry-experienced and trained staff to create whole-crop solutions for farmers. Their goal is to help growers get maximum yields through efficiently applied crop inputs.

Services Provided by Precision Ag
Precision Ag in Crocket County TN comprises a collection of services aimed at achieving operational efficiency and getting maximum results.

Precision Field Mapping
Precision Ag services provide crop management and field variability assessment services for local growers. These services accurately map each field, including individual field boundaries and accurate acreage per physical measurement or a satellite imaging database.

Precision Application
Fertilizer costs are an important component in operational success. Precision Ag services use electronic control systems and GPS to adjust product application and rate on the go, ensuring each soil location gets what it needs and keeping costs down.

In-Season Crop Management
Precision Ag in Crockett County TN provides a number of fluid injection methods for fertilizer, herbicide, insecticide and fungicide application in parallel with irrigation. This process helps growers reduce the costs of fertilizer, chemicals and application labor while managing plant health and making season-long applications for maximum yields.

Irrigation Management
Irrigation according to soil and crop characteristics is important for crop sustainability and yield. Through the implementation of University of Tennessee field research, precision Ag can utilize best management strategies.

Data Collection
Through basic data collection components, like seed meters, precision Ag can offer highly detailed yield monitoring solutions. Precision services process yield data, generate accurate maps and build individual-field yield records that present a more accurate picture of farm operations.

Mid-South Farmers Co-op is a West Tennessee agriculture-industry pioneer that combines new technological approaches with time-tested practices.

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