Prepare Your Child for Chicago Pre-School

by | Mar 18, 2024 | Education

Your young children rely on you to teach them the fundamentals of life. However, there are many lessons children must branch out to learn on their own. Pre-school offers children a safe place to learn early independence and social skills, but the transition can be jarring. Here are some tips on how to prepare your child for Chicago pre-school.

Manage Your Emotions

Nothing can truly prepare you for the mixture of guilt, pride, and sadness you’ll experience when you drop your baby off on their first day of preschool. But you need to demonstrate a positive and assertive attitude toward this new stage in life (even if you secretly want to take your baby back home instead of leaving). Don’t let your child witness your anxieties about preschool, or they may demonstrate anxiety about it, too.

Pick the Right School

Research Chicago pre-school to find the best ones in your neighborhood in your budget. Visit your favorite two or three schools for a tour. During your visit, you will learn about each school’s teaching philosophies and amenities. You will also have the chance to meet the teachers and assess your child’s response to the facility.

Establish Routines

Many children thrive when they have an established routine with regular wake-up times, bedtimes, school hours, and more. You can make the transition easier for your child by starting them off with one or two days at preschool a week before gradually increasing it to a typical school schedule.

Visit Council Oak Montessori School to schedule a tour.

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