Proper Management of Septic Systems in Ferndale WA

The septic system within the home is designed as an effective long-term method of collecting, treating and disposing of waste water. These are often popular in areas where homes do not have a connection to the state sewer system. It often consists of a main pipe leading water from the home, a septic tank and a drain field installed on an area just outside the home. The water from the home enters the septic tank where it is divided into three segments.

Any solids settle at the bottom of the tank and fats at the top to form scum. The waste water remains in the middle and drains into the drain field through a system of pipes that release water slowly into the soil. This water can potentially contain bacteria, viruses and fungi that could greatly damage the environment. Microbes in the soil digest and remove most of the contaminants in the water before the water seeps to join the underground water level.

This system of waste management is not however suitable for all areas because its use greatly depends on the type of soil in the surrounding area. It is imperative to seek the advice of professionals who install septic systems in Ferndale WA to determine whether it is feasible to install one in your home. It is also important to understand that installing and maintaining the functionality of a septic system greatly bears on the home owner. While these systems operate efficiently on their own, interference or misuse could greatly impact their performance. The result would be a poorly maintained system that spews sewer water all over the compound causing a putrid smell.

Elements of maintenance of septic systems in Ferndale WA include periodic servicing of the septic tank by removing the sludge layer. The rate at which solids build up in the system over time greatly depends on the number of people who use it. Select an appropriate size of tank depending on the number of people and bathrooms in the home. Avoid flushing sanitary items such as tampons and ear buds down the toilet as these clogs the system. Because the system operates on the basis of friendly microorganisms to purify the water, avoid flushing hazardous chemicals that will kill these organisms.