Reasons Why You Should Use Non Toxic Pest Control

One of the most important decisions you can make for your home is the type of pest control you use. While the desire to immediately use the most powerful type of pest control may be your initial reaction, there are compelling reasons why you should also consider making non toxic pest control in Melbourne a priority.

More Environmentally Friendly

Many of the toxic chemicals that are used in pest control products can be truly awful for the environment. Examples of environmental damage done by traditional pest products include:

• Destroying ecosystems

• Killing beneficial plants

• Destroying harmless wildlife

Choosing to use non toxic pest control can reduce your overall carbon footprint, and it can make a significant reduction in environmental harm.

Better for Your Pets

Were you aware that toxic pest control can also damage your pets? The dangerous chemicals used by many pest control products can make your furry friends severely ill. Common side effects of ingesting toxic pesticides include vomiting, seizures and respiratory distress. Choosing a non toxic pest control option can prevent these effects.

Better for Your Landscape

Toxic pesticides can cause severe damage to your home’s landscape. The toxic chemicals can get leech into the soil and cause the vegetation in your landscape to look unhealthy. Choosing to use a non toxic pest control option will allow you to successfully maintain the beautiful vegetation you’ve worked so hard to maintain.

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