Reviewing Regulations That Apply To Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries In Longview

In California, legislation was passed to make medicinal and recreational marijuana legal. However, patrons of dispensaries must follow specific guidelines when purchasing the drug in any form. Local Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Longview provide customers with details about the law when selling their products.

Reviewing the Legal Age

Marijuana regulations in California are similar to those that apply to alcohol. The customers who want to purchase the plant and its concentrates must be at least twenty-one years old. The clerks at the dispensaries must request identification for all individuals who want to purchase the plant.

The Legal Quantity of Marijuana

Anyone who purchases marijuana in the state of California can only have a quantity of twenty-eight grams at any given time. The legal quantity of any marijuana concentrates is eight grams. Any individuals with any quantity beyond the legal limit could be prosecuted. Select dispensaries may keep a log of all their sales to prevent unlawful possession of the drug.

Can Customers Use Marijuana in Public?

No, it is still unlawful for anyone to smoke marijuana in public. No one is allowed to use any marijuana products in view of the public at any time. It is also unlawful to operate a motor vehicle while using or while under the influence of marijuana.

Are There Limits for When Marijuana is Sold?

Stores and dispensaries cannot sell any marijuana products before six am or after ten pm. All dispensaries must follow the laws or face serious penalties according to the laws.

What Types of Marijuana Products are Sold?

Dispensaries can sell edible products such as candies and treats to the masses. It is lawful for the stores to sell plants as well, but the quantity and size must meet specific laws. Cannabis oil is also sold through the dispensaries.

In California, specific laws apply to the sale of marijuana and related products. The laws limit the amount of marijuana that can be purchased at any time. According to the laws, only parties that are at least twenty-one can purchase marijuana. Local residents who want to learn more about the laws visit Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries in Longview.