Safe And Easy-to-Use Wide Format Cold Laminators for School Projects

A cold roll laminator uses an adhesive-backed plastic film that adheres directly to surfaces needing lamination. The laminating process is advantageous for schools and classrooms because it doesn’t require electricity or a warm-up time, and it also works with materials that don’t withstand heat, such as paper, newspaper clippings, photographs or ink or inkjet printouts.

The Benefits of a Cold Roll Laminator

Posters, cutouts and banners hold up longer when protected by a film layer applied with a wide format cold roll laminator. Hand operation with two or three handle turns, straightforward paper loading and automatic rolling with output hooks significantly reduce time otherwise required by hand lamination.

The wide format can also laminate posters as wide as 25″ as well as 9″ x 12″ or 12″ x 18″ construction paper and more.

Why Cold Roll Laminators Are Great for School Projects

Wide format cold roll laminators are useful for school projects for a number of reasons. These advantages include:

• Preserving and protecting banners, posters, cutouts or documents, thereby increasing their longevity and re usability over years

• Safe lamination without fumes or heat or risk of burns

• Pre-lamination of cutouts, avoiding the need to cut twice

• Edges that don’t separate after cutting, also increasing reusability

• Creation of laminated dry-erase posters for group activities

A wide format cold roll laminator is perfect for classroom projects because of its safe and easy operation and its ability to quickly produce wide-format banners and posters and create long-lasting materials that can be reused.