Septic Company Works With ATU in Shelton WA

Most people don’t know the difference between a cesspool and a septic system. They may not realize that before 1991 cesspools were mostly used in the Shelton WA area. Cesspools are holes in the ground that may or may not be lined with cement. The waste and waste water flows downward into the cesspool where the sludge separates from the grease in the water and in time may need be pumped out. Since the possibility existed that the underground water systems in the Shelton WA region could result in contamination newer homes had to have a septic system installed. It’s very important to citizens that the proper method of human waste disposal be obtained and that state regulations are followed to the letter by the installer.

It’s extremely interesting to read how a septic system is installed, how it’s maintained and how often the septic tank will need cleaned. There are companies online that explain in detail either in an article they’ve written for their website or in person when they come out to give an estimate of costs. For many towns in the U.S. city sewage is taking the place of a septic system, but people in rural areas and many municipalities are still having them installed. In Shelton WA there are various companies that install septic systems that make sure no contaminated waste water reaches the municipal water system.

Some of the companies use (Aerobic Treatment Units) or aerobic treatment units in Shelton WA which is oxygen that’s added to the waste water allowing bacteria to grow abundantly. Good septic companies in Shelton WA area will explain in detail how these types of systems work, along with their required maintenance. They will also explain how important it is to keep these good bacteria that actually thrive on the waste inside a septic tank healthy. They explain the importance of making certain only human waste goes into the home system. Flushing objects and chemicals into the system will be detrimental to the good bacteria living inside the tank.

If you need a septic tank installed, call septic companies in Shelton WA, that not only cleans septic tanks, but also cleans grease traps for restaurants and hotels in the area.