Signs it’s Time to Replace Lighting Fixtures in Bradenton, FL

by | Jun 13, 2019 | Electrical

Homeowners rely on their interior and exterior lighting to create ambiance and ensure that they can make full use of their residential spaces after dark. Even the best Lighting Fixtures in Bradenton FL won’t last forever, though. Read on to find out about a few of the most compelling reasons to replace them.

Flickering Bulbs

When the lights are flickering it’s usually a sign that there is a gap in the electrical circuit. The current can’t bridge that gap quickly enough to provide steady light, which results in short power bursts. Check to make sure that the bulb isn’t loose and if it is installed correctly, consider replacing the fixture.

Buzzing Sounds

Electricity isn’t supposed to produce any sound. If a lighting fixture is buzzing or humming when the lights are on, this can also indicate a gap in the electrical circuit. There’s a chance that the fixture’s wiring may be frayed or that it may have a worn connector, both of which can create potential fire hazards, so it’s best to replace the fixture as soon as possible.

Excessive Heat

Lighting fixtures are supposed to be insulated to minimize ambient heat. Older fixtures may not feature adequate insulation, though, and even newer ones can create unnecessary heat if their wattage is exceeded. Keep in mind that fixture overheating can also lead to fire hazards and make a point of replacing those fixtures that are producing noticeable heat before it becomes a problem.

Home Remodeling

Not all reasons to replace lighting fixtures hinge on safety concerns. Remodeling an individual room or an entire home gives homeowners the perfect opportunity to reconsider their lighting. Replacing aging Lighting Fixtures in Bradenton FL with new, more modern ones can make a huge difference when it comes to improving a property’s appearance and even its property value.

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