Some of the Stranger Building Fasteners Found on the Market in Minnesota

There are building fasteners of all kinds for sale. Perhaps some of the more unusual building fasteners in Minnesota help explain the differences in building structures in different parts of the country. These building fasteners from Minnesota manufacturers are shipped all over the country and used to build all kinds of structures. The following examples highlight just a few of the more unique fasteners this Minnesotan company makes.

Weld Nuts

It’s weird to think that something as strong as welding would require any sort of locking fastener. Yet, here is a weld nut. A weld nut reinforces the exposed bolt end after the bolt has been welded in place. The nut itself may also be welded to the exposed end of the bolt to prevent the nut from falling off. They are frequently used in building anything made of metal or steel and anything metal or steel requiring a very solid connection.

Bent Bolts

When you have to construct something that requires an “around the corner” fastener to keep it together, you use a bent bolt. Bent bolts are very odd things. Some are u-shaped, some are bent at ninety-degree angles, and some are c-shaped or have much odder shapes than all of the above. They are not commonly used, but when they are needed, they help building crews in a big way.

Bearings That Are Also Fasteners

Ball bearings and other types of bearings are not usually classified as fasteners. Bearings help other bits of metal or objects rotate freely, which is why they don’t exactly fit with the fastener category. However, these particular bearings are also fasteners, making them oddballs.