Surprise AZ Has Full Day Charter School Kindergarten to Make You Smile

When you are searching for full-time kindergarten near me in Surprise, AZ, Calibre Academy is the answer. Living in or near Surprise, AZ has a lot of benefits, and there is nothing more pleasantly surprising than knowing that your child can attend full-day Kindergarten at a private charter school. Parents looking to return to the workforce don’t have to give up on looking for a full-time job when they have done their research for full-time kindergarten near me in Surprise, AZ. Here are some additional benefits related to enrolling your child in this charter school and having him or her attend a full day of kindergarten five days a week.

The Child Learns More and Retains What He/She Has Learned

A big problem with half-day kindergarten is that a teacher has to squeeze important lessons into four hours or less every day. Children are limited to what the teacher is able to teach at that time. Most children at four, five, or six will not retain enough of the lessons learned in a shorter class period. In a full day of kindergarten, the teacher is able to teach more lessons, spend time making sure the children know the lessons well and even incorporate enrichments to help students retain what they have learned through play.

Enriching Experiences to Encourage a Lifetime Love of Learning

Children learn quickest and easiest if they are enjoying what they are learning and how they are learning it. Kindergarten is the best time to set that foundation with enriching activities that teach. A private charter school in Surprise, AZ does just that.